BioTi: Biocompatible Flow Path

We’ve minimized the need for priming with a new titanium infused biocompatible hardware and frit that doesn’t interfere with protein or peptide integrity!

Overlaid Injections–Aggregate Analysis of mAb Sample

BioTi Hardware

Conditions for Both Columns:
Column: bioZen 1.8 um SEC-3
Dimension: 150 x 4.6 mm
Mobile Phase: 50 mM Dipotassium phosphate + 100mM, Sodium Sulfate (pH 5.0)
Flow Rate: 0.3 mL/min
Injection Volume: 2 µL
Temperature: Ambient
Detection: UV @ 280 nm
Sample: 1. γ-Globulin 5 mg/mL 2. Ovalbumin 1 mg/mL

Traditional Stainless Steel

We engineered our new titanium BioTi biocompatible hardware to give you back the hours, days, and weeks typically spent on column priming. – Jason Anspach, Ph.D. Senior Scientist

Extend Column Lifetime with Biocompatible Guard Cartridge Systems

The new biocompatible SecurityGuard Standard and ULTRA cartridge systems remove unwanted contaminants before they clog your column or system. Each bioZen column has a matching guard to ensure workflow applicability.

With a single innovative product line spanning major biologics workflows, you can now gain some reprieve from juggling multiple catalogs, bookmarks, and vendors.With high quality particle chemistries designed and tested for biologics.

3 Particle Platforms

Thermally Modified Fully Porous

Through a proprietary thermal processing series of steps, we eliminate micropores and further improve consistency, column efficiency, inertness, ruggedness, and reproducibility.
Absence of Micopores

Core-Shell Technology

Porous Shell Non-Porous Core

Uniform Particle Size Distribution

Using sol-gel processing techniques that incorporate nano structuring technology, a durable, homogeneous porous shell is grown on a solid silica core. This highly optimized process combined with industry leading column packing technology produces highly reproducible columns that generate extremely high efficiencies and sensitivity.

Monosized Polymeric Non-Porous

Dual functional non-porous hydrophilic polymer layer Non-Porous Core

Uniform Particle Size Distribution

Meticulously controlled monosized particle technology secures incredible particle consistency that leads to improved and reliable efficiency. This innovative non-porous particle serves as the perfect backbone for complex ion-exchange chemistries.

8 Particle Chemistries and Growing


Size Exclusion (SEC)




bioZen Intact C4
3.6 µm Large pore core-shell particle for fast intact biologic entry. C4 stationary phase provides highly sought after low hydrophobic retention, especially important for highly retentive biologics.
bioZen Intact XB-C8
3.6 µm Large pore core-shell particle for fast intact biologic entry. The XB-C8 Phase provides highly useful moderate hydrophobic selectivity.
bioZen SEC-3
1.8 µm Extremely inert, high density fully porous particle with high efficiency and high molecular weight (HMW) separation range of 10 k – 700 kDa.
bioZen SEC-2
1.8 µm Extremely inert, high density fully porous particle with high efficiency and low molecular weight (LMW) separation range of 1 k – 450 kDa.
bioZen PS-C18
1.6 µm and 3 µm Excellent retention by combined positively charged surface ligand and C18 ligand.
bioZen XB-C18
1.7 µm and 2.6 µm Overall retention of both acidic and basic peptides through C18 stationary phase.
bioZen Glycan
2.6 µm Provides optimal combination of high efficiency and selectivity for released glycans.
bioZen WCX
6 µm with linear polycarboxylate chains to envelop and separate proteins from acidic/basic variants.